Thiago's Math Playlist

These are some of my favorite lectures on mathematics.

  1. Jacob Lurie - Bezout's theorem and nonabelian homological algebra (Derived algebraic geometry)
  2. John Conway: Surreal Numbers - How playing games led to more numbers than anybody ever thought of
  3. A Hora do Pesadelo: Horrores de um mundo sem escolha
  4. Georg Cantor and His Opposition
  5. "How to write mathematics badly" by Jean Pierre Serre (noise removed)
  6. Algumas abordagens à geometria diferencial de espaços singulares - João Nuno Mestre - Seminário A5
  7. The Monster Group - John Conway
  8. Geometric structures and representations of discrete groups – Fanny Kassel – ICM2018
  9. Álgebras de Lie de dimensão infinita: um caso particular - Marcela Guerrini
  10. Sporadic Groups - Prof. Richard Borcherds - The Archimedeans
  11. Categorification of Fourier Theory
  12. A (very) Brief History of the Complex Plane
  13. Representation theory and geometry – Geordie Williamson – ICM2018
  14. Chromatic homotopy theory - Irina Bobkova
  15. The Yoneda Perspective
  16. Um pouco da geometria de Élie Cartan - Ivan Struchiner - Dias maTemáticos: Élie Cartan
  17. Representations of p-adic groups - Jessica Fintzen
  18. Machine-Assisted Proofs – ICM2018
  19. Introdução à dinâmica hiperbólica: história e exemplos- Marisa dos Reis Cantarino-Seminário +1café
  20. Topological Quantum Field Theory and the Cobordism Hypothesis -- Part 1
  21. 33º CBM - Palestra de Divulgação - María Amelia Salazar (UFF)
  22. 46. Apoorva Khare: Polymath14: Groups with norms - LieJor 25-Mar-2021
  23. Peter Scholze: Locally symmetric spaces, and Galois representations
  24. Plenária 9 - A Construção de Kantor -Koecher-Tits: aplicação de representação algébricas
  25. Lie Algebras and Homotopy Theory - Jacob Lurie
  26. Categorias para o não-categórico - Thiago Landim - Seminário A5
  27. Beyond Computation: The P vs NP Problem - Michael Sipser
  28. Introduction to p-adic Numbers
  29. Simetrias em Geometria Algébrica - Carolina Araujo - Seminário A5
  30. Chelsea Walton, "An Invitation to Noncommutative Algebra," the 2021 NAM Claytor-Woodard Lecture
  31. Dinâmica Simplética e o problema dos 3 corpos - Pedro Salomão - Seminário A5
  32. "Promoting Women in mathematics", Panel discussion at IHES, October 4
  33. Representation Theory & Categorification - Catharina Stroppel
  34. My First Type Theory
  35. Simetrias vs Leis de Conservação: o Teorema de Noether - Cristian Ortiz - Dias maTemáticos
  36. Às vezes complicar vale a pena: uma motivação para categorificação - Eduardo Mendonça - Seminário A5
  37. Knots, three-manifolds and instantons – Peter Kronheimer & Tomasz Mrowka – ICM2018
  38. Luz, câmera, ação (de grupos na esfera) - Ulisses Lakatos - Seminário A5
  39. The Tale of Three Triangles
  40. Seminários S4 - Grupos Livres e a Topologia dos Buquês
  41. Geordie Williamson: Geometric Representation Theory and the Geometric Satake Equivalence
  42. John Milnor: Spheres
  43. Brauer Groups in Chromatic homotopy Theory (Jacob Lurie) 1/3
  44. How to construct the Leech lattice
  45. Pavel Etingof. Lecture 1 Algebra and representation theory without vector spaces
  46. LftCM2020: Building the topological hierarchy - Alex Best
  47. Raphaël Rouquier - Geometric representation theory as representation-theoretic geometry
  48. Pavel Etingof - "D-modules on Poisson varieties and Poisson traces"
  49. Homologia em álgebras de dimensão finita - Kostiantyn Iusenko - Seminário A5
  50. Conversa com +1café #008 - Julia Jaccoud, a Matemaníaca
  51. 88. Michel Racine: Lie Algebras afforded by Jordan algebras 03-Mar-2022
  52. A Gentle Approach to Crystalline Cohomology - Jacob Lurie
  53. 89. Victor Guerassimov: Random walks on groups. An introduction. 10-Mar-2022
  54. The beauty of math in personal examples
  55. 90. Alexander Stolin: 40 years of Lie bialgebras: From definition to classification 17-Mar-2022
  56. Pavel Etingof | Quantum Groups
  57. 93. Pavel Shumyatsky: Commuting probability for subgroups of a finite group 07-Apr-2022
  58. On the crossroads of enumerative geometry and representation theory – Andrei Okounkov – ICM2018
  59. 91. Yuriy Drozd: Morita Theory for noncommutative varieties - 24-Mar-2022
  60. The Classification of Extended Topological Field Theories -Jacob Lurie
  61. Fields Medal Lecture: Cohomology of arithmetic groups — Akshay Venkatesh — ICM2018
  62. Pavel Etingof: Poisson-Lie groups and Lie bialgebras - Lecture 1
  63. Karen Vogtmann: The geometry and topology of automorphism groups of free groups
  64. Workshop on Representation Theory and Applications: Germán B.A. Monsalve
  65. The Boundary of Computation
  66. Formas Modulares: why should I care? - João Ruiz - Seminário A5
  67. The Biggest Project in Modern Mathematics
  68. Gabriele Rembado - Moduli Spaces of Irregular Singular Connections: Quantization and Braiding
  69. Conversa com +1café #015 - Valeria de Paiva
  70. Uma Introdução à Teoria de Morita - Thiago Landim - Seminário A5
  71. Sophie Morel - 1/3 Shimura Varieties
  72. Olympiad level counting: How many subsets of {1,…,2000} have a sum divisible by 5?
  73. Primes and Knots - Akshay Venkatesh
  74. Frank Calegari: 30 years of modularity: number theory since the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem
  75. Associahedra: The Shapes of Multiplication | Infinite Series
  76. 113. Alistair Savage: Diagratification - 01-Sep-2022
  77. Webinar AmSur AmSul-Lie groupoids and singular Riemannian foliations- Ivan Struchiner - USP
  78. Why you can't solve quintic equations (Galois theory approach) #SoME2
  79. Workshop on Representation Theory and Applications: Jethro van Ekeren
  80. What makes a proof acceptable?
  81. Shiing-Shen Chern - If Possible Do Nothing
  82. What is Equivariant Cohomology & What is it Good for? by J. Peter May
  83. How to Take the Factorial of Any Number
  84. How I became seduced by univalent foundations
  85. Dave Benson: Spectral methods in the representation theory of finite groups - Lecture 1
  86. Abstract Formalities
  87. 1 Billion is Tiny in an Alternate Universe: Introduction to p-adic Numbers #SoME2
  88. Math Talk! Dr. Emily Riehl, to infinity categories and beyond.
  89. Taming Infinities - Martin Hairer (2017 Fields Medal Symposium)
  90. What is the limit of a sequence of graphs?? | Benjamini-Schramm Convergence
  91. What can the working mathematician expect from deep learning?
  92. Researchers Use Group Theory to Speed Up Algorithms — Introduction to Groups
  93. Jessica Fintzen - 1/2 Supercuspidal Representations: Construction, Classification, and Characters
  94. Kevin Buzzard, Imperial College London: "Is HoTT the way to do mathematics?"
  95. An Exact Formula for the Primes: Willans' Formula
  96. Finding Moonshine: A Mathematician's Journey Through Symmetry
  97. Minicourse - Representation Theory, Vertex and Chiral Algebras - Anne Moreau - Lecture 01
  98. Poincare Conjecture and Ricci Flow | A Million Dollar Problem in Topology
  99. Guilherme Sobreira - O Complexo de de Rham em Geometria não Comutativa
  100. Math Talk! Dr. Andrej Bauer on proof assistants, constructive mathematics, philosophy, and more.
  101. A stacky approach to crystalline (and prismatic) cohomology - Vladimir Drinfeld
  102. [London Learning Lean] Engel's theorem in mathlib, by Oliver Nash
  103. What is...the cohomology ring intuitively?
  104. Five Stages of Accepting Constructive Mathematics - Andrej Bauer
  105. A (not entirely wrong) introduction to Langlands
  106. Mathematician Explains Infinity in 5 Levels of Difficulty | WIRED
  107. Kevin Buzzard: The rise of formalism in mathematics
  108. Sheaf-Theoretic Look at Monodromy
  109. Michael Hopkins: My best advice to young mathematicians
  110. Forbidden Maths - Quantum Groups
  111. [London Learning Lean] Ordinals, by Violeta Hernández Palacios
  112. Algebraic Spaces and Stacks: Ideas
  113. Introduction to quantized enveloping algebras - Leonardo Maltoni
  114. Univalent Foundations: New Foundations of Mathematics | Vladimir Voevodsky
  115. Timothy Gowers: The Weil conjectures explained
  116. Descent and Stacks
  117. Benedikt Ahrens - Univalent Foundations and the UniMath library - IPAM at UCLA
  118. An Intuitive Introduction to Motivic Homotopy Theory - Vladimir Voevodsky
  119. Adam Wagner - Finding counterexamples to conjectures via reinforcement learning - IPAM at UCLA
  120. What do we mean by "equal" - Pierre Deligne
  121. Algebraic groups and all in characteristic p - Ivan Loseu
  122. Extra Forbidden Maths - Classifying Extensions Using Cohomology
  123. What if Current Foundations of Mathematics are Inconsistent? | Vladimir Voevodsky
  124. Timothy Gowers on the works of John Milnor
  125. CICM2021: The Design of Mathematical Language - Jeremy Avigad
  126. Flat Equals Locally Free (Introduction to Tor) - May 12, 2021
  127. What is the Riemann Hypothesis REALLY about?
  128. ∞-Category Theory for Undergraduates
  129. Alex Davies: Machine Learning with Mathematicians with G-Research
  130. The Vector Algebra War
  131. CWM-CoD Joint Panel: Best practices towards a more diverse and inclusive mathematical community
  132. Infinity categories and why they are useful I (Carlos Simpson)
  133. Computer Guided Mathematics Symposium - Q&A with Sir Timothy Gowers, Kevin Buzzard and Alex Davies
  134. Emily Riehl
  135. Math's pedagogical curse | Grant Sanderson JPBM Award Lecture, JMM 2023
  136. G. Lusztig - Stratifying reductive groups
  137. Sir Timothy Gowers: What is Mathematics? with G-Research
  138. Palestra especial - Jethro Van Ekeren (2023)
  139. Representations of Galois algebras – Vyacheslav Futorny – ICM2018
  140. Intuition meets AI in pure mathematics: Geordie Williamson DeepMind collaboration
  141. Kevin Buzzard: Mathematics and the Computer with G-Research
  142. 1st Joint Meeting Brazil-France in Mathematics - Olivier Mathieu (U Lyon) - Self Similarity...
  143. 43. Vladimir Dotsenko: Diamond Lemma and the Maurer-Cartan equation - LieJor 04-Mar-2021
  144. Productive generalization - Timothy Gowers
  145. Forbidden Maths - Operator Theory (2/2)
  146. Noncommutative analogues of moduli spaces via brick manifolds (Vladimir Dotsenko)
  147. Conversa com +1café #030: Ivan Shestakov
  148. Icosahedral symmetry - conjugacy classes and simplicity
  149. Robert Langlands - The 2018 Abel Prize Laureate
  150. 58. Vyacheslav Futorny: Infinite-dimensional representations of Lie algebras - LieJor 03-Jun-2021
  151. 34º CBM - Palestra Plenária - The geometry of geometries: matroid theory, old and new
  152. [London Learning Lean] Gardam's disproof of Kaplansky's Unit Conjecture, by Gadgil and Tadipatri
  153. 34º CBM - Palestra Especial - Uma melhoria exponencial para os números de Ramsey
  154. 128. Bojko Bakalov: An operadic approach to vertex algebras and Poisson vertex algebras 08-Dec-2022
  155. ¿LAS MATEMÁTICAS SON INOFENSIVAS o tienen capacidad para hacer el mal (o el bien)?
  156. [London Learning Lean] The Krull topology, by Sebastian Monnet